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Saturday, June 4, 2011


harini curik2 mase nk mengupdate belog ni..
time dapat gaji ni macam2 mende lam mind aku nii..nk beli tu lah nk beli ni lahhh...
macam laaa gaji berpluh ribu kan...sampai x leh focus ngn keje hahaha..xpeee... 
berangan x perlu bayar an..haha..
td duk searchh tenet aku surveyyy la barang2 yang aku teringinn nk beli..
ade org nk belanje pon boleyyy..haha.. 

haduuuiii..smartt nye kete persona nim...semalam gi usha2 pameran proton 
kat mydin mall..ade pulakk persona edition baru..warna putih solid...kemaen hensem kete nihh..
harganye xde lah mahal mane ann..same taraf je ngn myvii..siap ade GPS bagai..bonet pon besarr..boleh muat macam2 kalo gi travel jaoh2..haihh..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sape nk kulit muka tegang sepanjang zaman . sile angkat tangan !

korang penah x mkn ulam..?ulam besenye makan dengan nasik berlauk...besenye orang pantai timur ni suke mkn ulam..tu yg sume hensem2 + cantek2 blake ! hehehe
awet muda tau tak maKan ulam2 nihh...
okeyyy..meh nk memperkenalkan jenis2 ulam ni.. namenye PEGAGA .

Pucuk Gajus

Pucuk Putat


Ulam Raja





tu je lah setakat nim..banyak dah tu...semua ulam2 ni ada khasiat yang tersendiri.Sangat 
bagus untuk kesihatan ! amal-amal lah selalu !
hindarilah diri anda dari sebarang penyakit !
babai :)

proMote mak saye punye BLOG !


okehhhhh...mao promote my mum's blog !
boleyyy tempah baju  ...tempah jahit..baju kurung ke...baju kebaya..
semua boleyy asalkan pakaian wanita!
harga upah jahit sgt berpatutan ! serendah RM25 sepasang !

ni contoh baju kurung RIAU !
juz RM25 sepasang untuk upah jahit !

Kalau nk upah jahit Baju Pengantin pon Boleyyyy...
juz RM100 ke atas je...
ok laaa..kalo nk tao lebih lanjut lagi layari laaa

semoga sihat2 selalu !

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

yezza...dH ade nuffnang !! haha . jakun . :P

hahaha..baru nk ade nuffnang.. !
terJakun pulak..haha...
readers !! plis click my nuffnang ye :)

lame betol x UPDATE belog nih..almaklomlah bz..
teringin nk mkn cheese cake!

nampak simple jehhh

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MUET speaking TIPS :)

Candidate A
Instructions to candidates:
Task A: Individual presentation
  • Study the stimulus or topic given.
  • You are given two minutes to prepare your responses.
  • You are given two minutes to present.
  • Listen to the others while they are making their presentations and take down notes for the group discussion in Task B.
Task B: Group discussion
  • You are given two minutes to prepare points to support or oppose the other candidates’ views.
  • After you have listened to everyone, try to come to a decision as to which of the four suggestions is the best.
  • Your group is given ten minutes for the discussion.
Task A and Task B will be carried out consecutively.
Your brother has been given the opportunity to study in England on a government scholarship. You and your family are very proud of him. Decide on a special gift for him to prepare for his trip abroad.
Task A: Suggest that they give him cash. Say why.
Task B: Discuss which of the following would be most useful.
i. cash
ii. a computer
iii. some suitable clothing
iv. some Malaysian foodstuff

Candidate A
Task A: Suggest that they give him cash. Say why.
Good morning to the examiners and my fellow friends. I’m very happy that my brother has just received a scholarship to study in England. My relatives and I would like to give him a special gift. We all think that the best gift is money because it will be very useful for him.
The first reason is with cash he can buy the things that he needs when he gets there. There will me a lot of things that he will need like new books, stationery, clothes and food. He will also need to pay for transportation like taking the bus or train to go to the university campus. As we know, it is very expensive in England so any money we give him will be very useful.
Secondly, my brother can use the money to buy a mobile phone when he gets toEngland. I think this is very important in case of emergencies so we can contact him easily. Furthermore, he can sms us and keep us updated with his progress in his studies there. Hence, if we really miss him we can just give him a call.
Finally, I also think giving him money is the best choice because it is light and doesn’t take up a lot of space. If we were to give him a computer, books or winter clothes it will be very heavy and bulky for him to bring to England. Therefore, I think that it is much easier to bring money and buy those things when he gets there.
In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why I think giving him cash is the best choice. To me, it is the most useful gift we can give him. Thank you.

Candidate B

Task A: You suggest that they give him a computer. Say why.
A very good morning I bid to one and all. My relatives and I are very proud of my brother. He has just received a scholarship to study in England and so we would like to give him a special gift. We believe that the best present for him is a laptop computer.
Firstly, as a university student, my brother will have to do many assignments. If he has a laptop computer he can bring it everywhere and consequently, do his work anytime and anywhere. Thus, he will not have to share the computers at the computer room with other students and he will be able to do his work more quickly and efficiently.
Another point is that when he boards the plane from KLIA to London, he will be able to bring the laptop with him easily because it is compact and light compared to a desktop computer. Hence, it will not be too much trouble to transport it to England.
Last but not least, if he has a laptop he will be able to connect to the internet. This has two main advantages as firstly, he can do a lot of research online. The world wide web is a fountain of information so it will be very useful for him to make full use of this technology. Furthermore, he can keep in touch with friends and family here in Malaysia by e-mail.
In short, a laptop computer will prove to be very useful to my brother. He can do his assignments, research for information and keep in touch with us using it therefore it will make the best gift. Thank you for listening.

Candidate C

Task A: You suggest that they give him some suitable clothing. Say why.
To the examiners and my fellow candidates, a wonderful morning I bid you. My brother was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to study overseas. We want to send him off with a nice gift so we have decided to buy him some suitable clothing.
The main purpose for buying him some suitable clothing is because the weather in England is very different from the weather in our country. There are four seasons there so he will need to have different clothes for different situations. For example, we can buy him some sweaters, cardigans, scarves, snowcaps, thick socks and gloves and many more. These will definitely keep him warm in winter.
The second reason is we think that he should have clothes that reflect our Malaysian identity. This is because he will be a young ambassador for our country so if he has a few sets of traditional clothing like the Baju Melayu or formal Batik shirts, I am sure he will not only look good but promote our culture overseas.
Lastly, neat clothes make a good impression. For instance, if we buy him some everyday clothes like jeans and trousers with nice shirts and matching ties, this will give him a good feeling about himself so he will walk a bit straighter and talk a bit wiser. Moreover, people will look at him and have a good impression about Malaysian students.
To conclude, I think that the best present to give him is some suitable clothing because it will be very useful and will reflect positively on him. Thank you very much.

Candidate D

Task A: You suggest that they give him some Malaysian foodstuff. Say why.
I would like to wish everyone here a very good morning. As we all know, my brother has won a scholarship to study in England. Therefore, some relatives and I have decided to give him some Malaysian foodstuff as a going away present.
First and foremost, one of the main problems Malaysians face when studying overseas is that it is hard to find Halal food. We feel it is a good idea to give him some Malaysian foodstuff because it will take time for him to get used to the place and find out where to buy Halal food. Thus, in the meantime he can enjoy the Malaysian foodstuff that we have given to him.
The next reason is because some of the foodstuff we are used to having here in Malaysia is quite hard to find in UK. Most students studying overseas really enjoy eating Maggi Mee andsambal belacan. For instance, it is also hard to find the right spices for curry and rendangand so on so if we supply him with enough Malaysian foodstuff, he can eat it whenever he misses home.
The final point I have is that he can use the Malaysian foodstuff we give him and cook it for the Westerners there. Sometimes, universities organise events like Malaysian Night and so he and his friends can cook some Malaysian specialities for them to taste a bit of our way of life. Hence, the Malaysian foodstuff will be very useful to promote our culture.
In a nutshell, giving my brother Malaysian foodstuff to take with him to England is a good idea. This is because he will have some familiar food to eat when he misses home and he can also share it with his new friends. Thank you for listening to my opinion.

Task B: Discuss which of the following would be most useful.
i. Cash
ii. A computer
iii. Some suitable clothing
iv. Some Malaysian foodstuff
* Work together in your respective groups and complete the following discussion.
A: Good morning once again to everyone. We are here to focus on the issue at hand which is __________________________________________________________. I would like to invite anyone of you to kickstart this discussion by giving us your point of view.
B: Allow me to begin. First of all, I’m happy that our brother has won the scholarship to study in England. Therefore, we must decide what would be the most useful gift for him. In my opinion, I strongly believe that _______________ _________________________________________________________________. This is because I think he can _________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.
For example, ______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.
C: I see your point but how about getting him ______________________________. In this way, he can use it to ___________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.
D: I don’t quite agree with you because ____________________________________ _________________________________________________________________. I think it would be more useful if we bought _______________________ for him. Does anyone agree with me?
A: Yes, I agree with you. To add to your point, I feel that ______________________ _________________________________________________________________.
This is so he will ___________________________________________________.
C: I’m afraid I don’t see eye to eye with both of you. Buying that as a present for him is not the most useful gift because __________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.
Moreover, ________________________________________________________.
Can you all understand what I’m trying to say?
B: Indeed, I do see your point of view but I still feel that the most useful gift is __________________ because it can ___________________________________. Another reason is ___________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________. For instance, _______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.
D: That’s an interesting perspective and I agree with you that ___________________ _________________________________________________________________. However, I think we should consider other points. We should also think about buying him _______________________________________________________.
If he gets this as a present, he can ______________________________________ and ____________________________________________. Wouldn’t you agree?
A: I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. Can you explain it again, please.
D: What I mean is we should buy him _____________________________________ because it will me more useful for him when he is studying in England. This is because ___________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.
A: Aaah… I see. Yes, I think it would be a very useful gift too. This way, he can _________________________________________________________________.
C: That’s a good point, but don’t you think if we gave him _____________________ it will be the most useful for him as a student. I still believe that this is the most useful because _____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.
Remember, we need to think of the best and most useful choice.
B: I agree with you, Candidate C. In addition, he can use this gift to _____________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________. So candidates A & D, what do you guys think?
D: Now that you’ve explained it like that, I also agree that it will be the most useful. In fact, he could also use it to _________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.
A: As for me, I feel that it is also the most useful. When he arrives at his university in England, he will be able to ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.
C: That’s right. Well, after listening to all the points on the four choices we have, I think it is time to make a conclusion.
D: Yes, I think so too. Does everyone agree that we should give our brother _______________________________________ as a special going away present?
All: Yes, I agree.
B: In a nutshell, we all agree that _______________________________ is the best choice because firstly, he can _________________________________________, secondly, __________________________________________ ______ and finally ____________________________________________________ _____________.
Thank you.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
What to conclude if after 10 minutes of discussion….


Conclusion: To conclude, MOST OF US agree that ______________________
is the best choice because ________________________________.
___________________________________________. Thank you.


Conclusion: In conclusion, we were unable to make a solid decision because
SOME OF US stongly believe that the best choice is __________ because _______________________________________________ whileTHE REST OF US think that giving him _______________ is the most useful because _________________
___________________________________________. Thank you.


Conclusion: In a nutshell, we were unable to come to an agreement on which of the four options is the best choice. It seems ALL OF US strongly believe in our own points so as we have run out of time, we think that we should each buy him a gift individually. Thank you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

batok..selsema..=_= haish

xsuke..batok2 n hape jeh
satu keje pon ta leh wat nih..
makan pon ta ade rase..
cpat2 lah stay awayy dr sy wahai enchek batok2
n enchek selsema...
mybe environment skang y x menentu nehh..

p/s: rindu sgt same eju...=-=

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mimi ; je gurl tp ni jantan ! :)

okeh..smalam terlupa nak upload pic kuceng !
haha..okehh,ni my kuceng bongsu..ahaks..

curik2 amek time die tido...haha
act,dulu mase die kecik2 igtkan die ni betina,so mak bg name die mimi,tgk2 die besar jantan rupenya..haha..
lagipon die da terbiase dgn name tu...
jap2,ni pulak kuceng angkat!

comel kan..??name die sitikus!haha..

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